Traveling den.
The Spacious one.

This is Traveling Den. Your car, your office, your home – on the wheels! Take this if you’re looking for more room and more comfort on the road. It’s got everything (including an indoor shower) you can think of for a great outdoor adventure. Oh, and you can stand straight in here. Very convenient.

Price Range

2-6 days: 90$ per day
7-14 days / 80$ per day
15-20 days / 75$ per day
21+ days / 70$ per day

All our vehicles are Insured.
(subject to the terms of the insurance provider).


Seats 3
Sleeps 2+1 Child
Fuel Type Diesel
Gearbox Manual
Fuel Usage 10/15L
Drivetrain Rare-Wheel Drive



The kitchenette consists of an integrated gas stove, sink, small fridge, and kitchen storage.

Basic Cooking

For those of you who find joy in preparing tasty meals, you’ll find basic kitchen and cooking essentials in the van.

Indoor Table

During the day the bed transforms into a comfortable sitting area and our convertible table serves either as a working desk or a kitchen table.

Comfortable Bed

Good sleep is the key. Our carefully selected memory foams are thick and soft that tend to form to your body for a great sleep experience.

Indoor Shower

This feature is a real game changer that not many of us are willing to give up, even during off-grid adventures. The water tank is fastened on top of the van and it does not take long for the water to warm up in the sun.

Solar Panels +

With two 375 Watt Solar panels, 1kw inverter power, and 4kw.h lithium-ion battery capacity that feeds the entire system in the van, you don’t have to worry about electricity or charging the electronics.

Awning Shade

On sunny days or rainy days, the awning shade serves as an excellent add-on for comfortable outdoor sitting. When unfolding you’ll find the ropes and other accessories inside the zipper. So be mindful when opening it, and make sure to put it back when finished.

Outdoor Furniture

Best experiences and memories are created outdoors. Our camping furniture adds extra comfort and helps you reconnect with nature, soak up the sun and embracethe freedom of the outdoors.


Whether you require power for your laptop, phone, or other electrical devices, we have an efficient electrical power system in place.

Full Specs

Make/Model: Iveco Daily / 50C15
Engine: 2.8 Turbo Diesel
Year of manufacture: 2002
Manual Gearbox
Fuel Type: Diesel
Fuel Usage: 10-15 L/100km
Rear View Camera
Sits 3 Person
Sleeps 2 Adults + child

  • License: Regular B category (at least 2 years)
  • Age: 21+ (Driver)
  • Prepayment: 50% ( for booking confirmation)
  • Safety Deposit: $400 required on pick up
  • Minimum Stay: 2 Days
  • No smoking
  • Camping table
  • Camping chairs x 3
  • Solar shower
  • Portable gas stove
  • Hammock
  • Portable WC / Compost bags
  • Fridge
  • Integrated gas stove
  • Sink
  • 20L fresh water gallons x 2
  • Cutting board
  • Knives, forks, big spoons, small spoons x 4
  • Bowls x 3
  • Cups x 4
  • Big plates, small plates x 3
  • Big pan, small pan
  • Pot
  • Wine glasses x 3
  • Cork screw
  • Spatula
  • Tongs
  • Can opener
  • Lighter
  • Coffee maker
  • Dish rag
  • Dish soap
  • Dish scrubbing rug
  • Cut out memory foam mattresses
  • Pillows
  • Bed sheets
  • Blankets

Features two 375 Watt Solar panels, 1kw inverter power, and 4kw.h lithium-ion battery.

The van is fully automated and runs on Solar power (the fridge, the lights, the sockets).

Please be mindful and do not charge several things simultaneously. Allow the van to cool down (inside) before plugging in the devices. Avoid inserting Drone chargers. Laptops and phones are totally fine.

In case of overheating or capacity overload (add max 500 watts), the emergency beeping might start, and you’ll need to restart the inverter from the power button.

Please clean the solars with a wet cloth every once in a while as it accumulates dirt easily, and slows down the charging process.

If, for example, you’re going out for a hike for the whole day, turn off the inverter (this does not mean the batteries are not getting charged).

We have two 20L water gallons in the kitchenette closet. Pay attention to the power button near the sink. Once turned on, the water pump starts working and won’t stop until you turn it off again.

The 80 L tank on top of the van is for the shower. The recommendation is to have it only slightly filled when driving.

The wastewater tank – is attached from beneath on the driver’s side. Please, do not forget to empty it before returning the van.

In the back of the car or inside the van there is plenty of storage for all your belongings.

In case of an accident stop and don’t move the car.
Immediately contact us, call 112 (Emergency & Operative Response Center);
Call Aldagi (Insurance Company) hotline: +995 32 2 444 999

Please check our Terms & Conditions for detailed information and terms of insurance. 

Key – There’s only one key so be very attentive. All doors need to be opened/locked separately. It does not have an electronic lock.

Hand Break – Please be very attentive with the hand break. Make sure you don’t move around with the hand break up, otherwise it gets out of order and does not work as supposed to. Also, as the van is quite massive, please do not leave the car on steep slopes.

Indoor Shower – To take shower inside please try to park the van on a leveled surface. When driving put the shower handle on the floor, as it might fall down. Sometimes, because of driving, condensation happens, and the water gets clogged, so you might have to blow the handle. Just unscrew it, and breathe in/out. That should fix the situation.

Portable Gas stove – If you use the portable gas stove, make sure that the top is tightly screwed on before lighting it.

Important Details.

Pick-up / Drop-off

Regular Pick-up: Between 10:00-15:00 – Free
Early Pick-up: Between 07:00-10:00 – $40
After-hours Pick-up: Between 18:00-00:00 – $50

Regular Drop-off: Between 12:00-16:00 – Free
Late Drop-off: Between 16:00-21:00 – $50

Cancelation Policy /
Moderately Flexyble policy

If you cancel your reservation 14 or more days prior to the scheduled pick-up date, you will be reimbursed the whole amount you paid until the date.

If you cancel your reservation less than 14 days and more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled check-in date, you can choose between a 50% refund of the amount you already paid until that date or receive a flexible travel voucher corresponding to 100% of the total amount already paid.

For cancelations made within 5 days prior to the scheduled check-in date, you will not be entitled to receive any refund or travel voucher.

Optional Extras

BBQ Set: $15 per trip
Child Seat: $25 per trip
Portable Fridge: $15 per day

Solar Shower: $10 per trip
Sleeping Bag: $25 per trip
Camping Carpet: 15$ per trip

Hiking Sticks: $25 per trip 
Headlights: $15 per trip
Entertainment Pack: 15$ per trip
Binoculars: 15$ per trip

Wifi Unlimited Data: $25
Wifi 20 GB Data: $12
Deep Cleaning (pets): $40 per trip


A reservation deposit of 50% is required to confirm the booking. The remaining 50% should be transferred 1 week before arrival.

Security Deposit: $400 payment should be made upon departure. The security deposit will be refunded within one week after the rental period.

The deposit may be used to cover any expenses incurred due to damages, the return of the vehicle without a full tank, or any other claims.

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