How it all started

We’re Anna and Inna – creators of Vanday. We always had a thing for the outdoors, yet one too many times, we found ourselves disappointed when getting slightly off the beaten tourist path. 

Georgia is a wild country, and while hiking and camping in the rugged landscapes are things to enjoy on their own, for people like us who want a bit of both worlds – the wilderness and the basic comforts, that doesn’t do the trick. 

After much consideration we took the leap and started our camper van project – creating a recreational vehicle that would be our car, our home, our office on the wheels. We’ve come a long way since then. After countless trials and errors and the toll of the Pandemic, we’re still standing, learning, and growing. 

Vanday is a campervan rental company in Georgia that is changing how we experience travel. By creating a variety of custom-built, fully self-sufficient vehicles that are fit to explore uncharted territories, Vanday brings people closer to nature so they can responsibly experience the wild and beautiful places of Georgia and beyond.

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