Distance From Tbilisi

422 km

Recommended Days

5-6 Days


Moderate (4×4 Compatible)

We recommend

F150 Camper 

About the trip

If you get a chance to explore this hidden gem of Georgia, don’t think twice, as it is a land of natural wonders, cultural heritage, and warm-hearted people. With its rolling hills, shimmering lakes, and majestic volcanic peaks, the natural beauty of this region is truly mesmerising. 
The Javakheti Protected Areas boast some of Georgia’s largest lakes, each one suggesting a unique experience. The Abul-Samsari Range, with its volcanic peaks, is a sight to behold, offering not only breathtaking views but also a glimpse into the region’s rich history. 

These, of course, are some recommendations to whet your appetite and get you started. It’s best if you modify and adapt the itinerary to your particular needs.

Most importantly, remember to go slow and enjoy the journey. Vanday campervan is the best way to cover the distance at your own pace, with comfort, ease, and style. 



01. Dashbashi Canyons

Discover the stunning natural beauty of Dashbashi Canyons, located just 110 km from Tbilisi and 2 km from the town of Tsalka. This awe-inspiring natural monument is carved by the Ktsia (Khrami) River and showcases the rare and diverse volcanic rock formations of the Dashbash volcanic plateau.

02. Paravani Lake

The largest lake in Georgia – a natural wonder that will leave you breathless. This picturesque landscape offers breathtaking views that change with the seasons, from the lush green meadows of May to the stunning autumnal hues of yellow and white in October. In early spring, the lake freezes over, providing a magical sight that is perfect for walking on its surface.

03. Tabatskuri Lake

Tabatskuri Lake is a popular fishing destination, with an abundant supply of trout, barbel, and carp. The nearby village is home to a community of ethnic Armenians who earn their livelihood through farming, fishing, and potato cultivation. Visitors can enjoy a picnic at the artificial forest near the lake, or opt for a more immersive experience by camping or staying with the locals and trying their delicious cheese and famous fried potatoes.

04. Borjomi

Borjomi is a historic spa town located in the picturesque Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia. Known for its naturally carbonated mineral waters, it has been a popular destination for visitors for centuries. With its charming architecture, warm hospitality, and stunning natural beauty, Borjomi is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature.

Where to park

We’ve put together some of the Campsites we know around Georgia, and you can find them here. Have a good look and do further research before choosing your camping spot. Some spots are only reachable on foot, and therefore it’s possible to camp there with tents only. 

What to see

The Javakheti region of Georgia is home to several beautiful lakes, including: Paravani lake, Madatapa lake, Khanchali lake, Abuli lake, Saghamo lake to name a few.

The area holds great spiritual significance to Georgians. It is believed that St. Nino, who brought Christianity to Georgia, traveled through Javakheti. The Poka St. Nino Monastery is a historic religious site located in Javakheti region.

The Bugdasheni Managed Reserve is home to several villages where traditional Doukhobor houses can be found. These houses are characterized by their intricate blue and white window frames and shutters. The Doukhobors, a Christian sect, migrated to Javakheti from Russia in the 1840s and these villages are their traditional settlements. 

If we had to single out two villages, it would be Gorelovka and Tambovka.


Where to eat

Pontia Restaurant in Tsalka serves a unique blend of Greek and Georgian cuisine. Definitely make a stopover at Family Corner in Javakheti.  Our favorite Poka convent – operates a small shop that exclusively features locally sourced products. Food will not disappoint at Cafe Iggy in Borjomi. For quick coffee and sweet treats try Inka Cafe in Borjomi.


There are days when you decide to stay overnight in a hostel, hotel, or guesthouse to stretch your legs, have a proper shower, restock and refill the water. For those days, consider these lodging options: CouCou Hostel in Tsalka. Camping is also an option here. Hotel Sonya in Ninotsminda, about a 40 minute drive from Paravani Lake. Hotel Ideal in Akhalkalaki. Borjomi Cottages in Borjomi.

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