Distance: Tbilisi > Truso

139 km

Recommended Days

4-5 Days


Moderate (4×4 Compatible)

We recommend

F150 Camper

About the trip

If you’re in Georgia for less than a week and have an epic adventure in mind, this itinerary might be just what you are looking for. These, of course, are some recommendations to whet your appetite and get you started. It’s best if you modify and adapt the itinerary to your particular needs. Most importantly, remember to go slow and enjoy the journey. 
A rugged stretch along the Georgian Military Highway, the road to Kazbegi is known for winding turns, narrow gorges, and breathtaking views of the Caucasus range. The region boasts numerous multi-day trekking routes, easy picturesque hikes, and options for wild camping. 

Vanday campervan is the best way to cover the distance at your own pace, with comfort, ease, and style. 


01. Zhinvali

Located on the Georgian military highway, Zhinvali Lake is enveloped in gorgeous mountains on both sides. Ananuri medieval fortress, sitting on the shores of Zhinvali reservoir, dates back to the 17th century and is impossible to pass by.

02. Gudauri

Located on the Georgian Military Highway between the ski resort town of Gudauri and the Jvari pass, you’ll come across a massive circular stone and concrete structure adorned with colorful mosaics. Built-in 1983 and officially referred to as the Russia-Georgia Friendship Monument, the platform stares into the Devil’s Valley below.

03. Truso Valley (Overnight)

Truso valley is a mysterious place with abandoned settlements, most admired for its peculiar travertine formations, mineral springs, geysers, mineral lake, and ancient towers.

04. Juta

The alpine town of Juta is one of the highest settlements (2200 m) in Europe. Juta opens up an array of accessible tracks amidst the breathtaking Chaukhi Massive – which counts 14 Summits named after famous Georgian poets, writers, and artists. 

05. Stephantsminda (overnight)

Kazbegi, or Stephandsminda, is a very unique mountainous destination. The road trip from Gudauri to Stepantsminda through the rugged Caucasus range via the Georgian military highway is a journey in itself. Stephantsminda is overlooked by Mt. Kazbeg (5,047 meters above sea level), a dormant stratovolcano and 3rd highest mountain in Georgia.

Where to park

We’ve put together some of the Campsites we know around Georgia, and you can find them here. Have a good look and do further research before choosing your camping spot. Some spots are only reachable on foot, and therefore it’s possible to camp there with tents only. 

What to see

Truso Valley itself is a great place for adventure seekers, nature lovers, and culture enthusiasts who want to discover the unique combination of landscape, history, and culture in a single place.

Some must-see places in and around Kazbegi include: Dariali Gorge, Gveleti waterfalls and lake, village Tsdo, Village Sno, Elia church, Pansheti natural swimming pool.  

Kazbegi offers a wide range of experiences, from the famous landmarks to the off the beaten path villages, making it a great destination for those looking to explore the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Caucasus region.

Where to eat

For affordable, tasty, and local feel try Kazbegi good food. Although a bit more pricy, Cafe 5047 is a great option with decent food and beautiful outdoor terrace with spectacular views of Mount Kazbeg. Nothing beats Rooms Hotel Kazbegi restaurant when it comes to views, food, and outdoor terrace.
Food and drinks are a bit expensive, but it’s worth the experience.   


There are days when you decide to stay overnight in a hostel, hotel, or guesthouse to stretch your legs, have a proper shower, restock and refill the water. For those days, consider these lodging options: Wooden Hotel KazbegiKazbegi ViewRed Stone  – the best budget option, and again, if you want to pamper yourself, there is no better option than Rooms Hotel Kazbegi  – an upscale design hotel with breathtaking views. Another one of our favorite spaces in Juta – 5th Season.

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Truso Valley
Truso Valley
Truso Valley
Truso Valley
Truso Valley

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